Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERS – The Power of Gratitude and the application of the Law of Attraction – Author Di Tran – 2022 – 1st Edition – Release 09-22-2022

This book shares the real example of successes in the application of the Law of Attraction with the focus on the OTHERS when it takes the author to a new height in his career as an Information Technology professional in corporate life, and parallelly also in his small business owning life.


When we act, we should emphasize the “doing,” especially the doing of good, the doing of adding value, and the doing of assisting others. “All we are doing is trading values among human beings,” Mom explained. The source of all happiness, as I learned from the many mentors in my life, is about trading values with others. “Son, in life there is no such thing as living by yourself or doing things only for yourself with the goal of gaining satisfaction and happiness. All walks of life involve other people.” I always knew this was a key factor in life, ever since I started to understand more of Mom’s teachings that she would explain at the dinner table. “Humans need each other to survive and make the best out of what life gives us. We do that by complementing each other in giving values that others cannot share with each other,” she explained. “I emphasize the giving, Son. Remember that.”

This led my mother to speak about the “win-win” principle. When you give, and others give back, often in equal or greater value, we call that a win-win situation. It also means a great trade.” Values can be in many forms: services, products, or money. The key takeaway here is that each person leaves with satisfaction, as both parties obtain a certain value that they need. “Son, this is called a real business. Sometimes people trade with one win and one loss, but that is not a real business, not in my experience, at least not a long-lasting one.”

Business, especially a long-lasting business, requires consistency for win-win trading. We call these repeat customers or repeat transactions. “It is easier to keep and build a repeat customer who already knows you and your business than to acquire a new one,” Mom stated. “It is also better to maintain a friend than create an enemy who would potentially exhaust themselves in an effort to destroy you. A good win-win trade avoids all this and establishes happy customers who keep coming back for more,” Mom said. Customers can mean everyone who is on the other end of a trade. I learned that even volunteering is a form of a trade, although most believe that it’s a one-sided business deal. The one who volunteers receives something in return and the one who receives assistance from the volunteer also receives something, even if it is not a service, product, or money.  “Maintaining a win-win trade matters all the time throughout life, Son, regardless of the activity you are engaged in.”


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