Belief in a Bottle: Di Tran Bourbon’s Limited Edition Release

Nestled in Louisville’s vibrant Beechmont neighborhood, a unique blend of heritage and spirit has been born: Di Tran Bourbon Belief. This limited edition bourbon, with only 200 bottles released, is a tribute to the power of belief that underpins every human connection and every successful venture.

Each bottle is a manifestation of the belief that life’s moments are best shared, a philosophy that Di Tran, the founder, infuses into his business ventures across health, education, and beauty sectors. The “BELIEF” bourbon, an 8-year-old, barrel-proof bourbon priced at $125, is handcrafted and direct from the barrel, symbolizing purity and the company’s commitment to authenticity.

As Di Tran Enterprises continues to flourish, this bourbon remains a unique collectible – there are no plans for a repeat. It’s a piece of history, perfect for bourbon enthusiasts and collectors alike, while also serving as a beacon for charitable causes, with proceeds aiding nonprofit organizations.

For those looking to capture the essence of Di Tran’s belief, to own a piece of this pioneering spirit, act now. The last few bottles are available for reservation via [email protected].

PS: Crafted with pride in the South End of Louisville, KY 40214, Di Tran Bourbon is more than a drink—it’s a legacy of belief and quality.

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