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Data Dive: Louisville Recognized as Emergent Tech Talent Market

  1. New tech degrees DO NOT = more IT talent; in many cases it reflects a widening gap between what employers want and the workforce is able to provide
  2. For every tech degree holder who fills an IT position there are 10 who are rejected because they do not have the real, practical and hands-on full stack software development capacity that ONLY comes from doing.
  3. IT tech degree graduates are lined up waiting for enrollment in the LIT Full Stack Enterprise Developer apprenticeship program because its graduates get jobs and make contributions to the IT workplace beginning Day 1.
  4. Major funding sources (Kentuckiana Works, KEES Scholarships, GI Bill, FSA, etc) are NOT currently offering financial support for short-term, non-degree IT apprenticeships like those offered by LIT. However,
  5. In the near future, all will be on board because there is no other way to close IT talent GAP in Louisville metro today or in the next five years. For more details, go to:


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