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Beauty Professional: Nail Technician as a career – Credited by Louisville Beauty Academy

A nail technician course is a program of study that teaches individuals how to provide various nail care services such as manicures, pedicures, and acrylic or gel nail extensions. The curriculum typically covers topics such as nail anatomy and physiology, infection control, product chemistry, and proper techniques for filing, buffing, and polishing nails. As for career progress, many nail technicians begin their careers working in salons or spas, providing nail care services to clients. As they gain experience and build a client base, they may move on to work in larger or more upscale salons, or even open their own salon or spa. However, many beauty professionals, including nail technicians, are considered independent contractors and are typically paid on a commission basis rather than an hourly basis. This means that their income is based on the services they provide and the amount they charge for those services, rather than the number of hours they work. However, being an independent contractor also means that they do not have the same job security or benefits as traditional employees.


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