Empowering Diversity in Business: New American Business Association’s Pioneering Year

Impact Article Draft for 2023 – New American Business Association Inc.

Introduction: The New American Business Association Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit, has emerged as a beacon of hope and empowerment in 2023. Founded by a remarkably diverse group – Di Tran, a first-generation Vietnamese immigrant; Clark Cox, a Black man; Ray Brundige, a White man; Anthony Bieda, a Latino man; and Dr. Linda Bartrom, a PhD in Chemistry – this organization is a testament to the power of diversity in driving social and economic change.

Core Missions and Strategic Alignment:

  1. Talent and Business Development: The organization’s mission to nurture talent and business acumen in underrepresented communities finds its roots in the diverse experiences of its founders. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by immigrants, refugees, and black and brown communities, the association has launched initiatives focused on providing equal opportunities and fostering an environment of growth and innovation.
  2. Mentorship and Personal Development: With a strong emphasis on one-on-one mentorship, the association aims to offer personalized support tailored to the varied needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds. This strategic approach not only enhances personal growth but also paves the way for professional success.
  3. Partnership with Vocational Schools: Aligning with vocational schools, particularly in Beauty and IT, the association facilitates practical and accessible career paths. This strategy not only aids in professional development but also supports the legal and emotional legitimization of immigrants’ status, a core aspect of the organization’s mission.

Integration and Synergy:

  • The association’s program is intricately woven into its organizational structure, ensuring that every activity aligns with and contributes to its overarching mission.
  • Educational initiatives, led by Dr. Linda Bartrom, synergize with the organization’s focus, enhancing skill development and knowledge acquisition.
  • Programs emphasizing cultural assimilation and community integration augment the vocational training, providing a holistic empowerment approach.

2023: A Year of Advocacy and Legislative Focus:

  • Di Tran, the organization’s president, has been a vocal advocate for Asian representation in the Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology. His efforts aim to ensure fairness and representation in this sector.
  • Two significant bills in 2024, SB 14 and HB 184, are under the spotlight. These bills propose substantial changes to the Kentucky Board of Cosmetology, impacting licensing and regulations, especially for nail technicians and other beauty service providers.

Call to Action: The New American Business Association Inc. urges community members, especially Asian beauty licensees, their families, friends, and allies, to actively participate in the legislative process. Contacting Kentucky State representatives and senators to advocate for these bills is crucial for ensuring fair representation and equitable treatment in the beauty industry.

Conclusion: 2023 marks a pivotal year for the New American Business Association Inc. as it continues to champion diversity, equality, and empowerment in the business world. Through strategic initiatives and legislative advocacy, the organization is not just aligning with its mission – it’s making a real impact.

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